Welcome to the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down web site and thank you for paying us a visit. We trust that you will find your visit both interesting and informative. The District Chapter governs all the Chapters in the District of Down under the authority of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland.

Membership of a Chapter is open to all Craft Masons of at least one years standing and is a logical progression in Masonry, and all Craft masons are encouraged to join. Most Craft Lodges have a Chapter associated with them so ask a Brother in your Lodge and he will be only to glad to tell you what steps to take, and you will be warmly welcomed if and when you decide to join us in the Royal Arch.

On behalf of all the Companions of the District Grand Chapter of Down I extend warmest and fraternal greetings to all our visitors and hope you will visit us regularly.

MEC Neil A. Coey
District Grand King


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