District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down

Constitution of District Grand Chapter

On Friday, 24th February, 1911, Grand Chapter met for the first time outside Dublin and held an Occasional Convocation at Ballymacarrett to constitute the newly-formed District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down.
M.E. Companion Sir Charles A. Cameron, C.B., Senior Past Grand High Priest, presided and the Grand Chapter record of this meeting reads: 24th February, 1911
An Occasional Meeting of Grand Chapter was held in Ballymacarrett Hall at the hour of 7 o’clock p.m. and opened in form.
Present:— M.E. Sir Chas. A. Cameron, C.B. on the Throne
M.E. T. H. Keown H.P.
M.E. Matthew Hedley C.S.
M.E. Henry Hunt C. of H.
M.E. Thomas H. Wayland S. of T.
M.E. Thos. J. Hayes C. of S.V.
M.E. Alfred G. Dodd C. of P.V.
M.E. Wm. Ireland C. of B.V.
M.E. Rev. Thos. Pearson Chaplain
M.E. H. E. Flavelle Registrar
M.E. Wm. F. Wells Janitor

The newly formed District Grand Chapter of Down was duly Constituted and the following installed as District Grand Officers viz:—

M.E. W. H. Phillips First Principal
M.E. Deputy First Principal
M.E. J. D. Williamson, M.D., J.P. 2nd Principal
M.E. John McCandless 3rd Principal
M.E. S. G. Fenton, J.P. C. of H.
M.E. Herbert Allison S. of T.
M.E. Wm. Neill R.A.C.
M.E. R. J. Hunter C. of S.V.
M.E. S. C. Cupples C. of P.V.
M.E. R. J. Hudson C. of B.V.
M.E. Rev. Wm. Wright Chaplain
M.E. Rev. R. E. Glenny Chaplain
M.E. Thos. H. Keown Treasurer
M.E. W. Bel Burrowes Registrar
M.E. J. J. Maitland Janitor
M.E. W. H. Phillips Rep at B. of G. P.
M.E. John McCandless Rep at B. of G. P.

The Grand Chapter then closed and the Grand Officers were subsequently entertained at dinner.