District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down

Representatives from District Grand Chapters

Roy W. Lamont Antrim
Martin G.C. Lawther Antrim
Malcolm A.H. Saul Antrim
John Richardson Armagh
Andrew Murphy Armagh
Brian L. Jackson Down
D. Neville Leinster Down
R. Maurice J. Lynch Londonderry, Donegal, Tyrone & Fermanagh
William J. Stevenson Londonderry, Donegal, Tyrone & Fermanagh
Edwin W. Hunter Munster
Derek R. Poyntz Meath and North Connaught
Nek D. Dawn Meath and North Connaught
Colin Birikinshaw North Munster
David J. Rhodes Wicklow and Wexford
Richard P. Codd Wicklow and Wexford
Ian J, Devonport South Eastern
Franco Magliocco The Midlands