District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down

M.E. Comp. Samuel J. Martin

M.E. Comp. Samuel J. Martin 33°. Supreme Grand King 1977 – 1988

From his entry into the Masonic Order he developed an intense interest in all its aspects and served in many capacities.
He earned universal respect for his work in and on behalf of the Order and particularly for his generosity. He might well have aspired to the heights in any branch of the Order but it was in the Royal Arch that the door opened for his phenomenal rise to the top which received general acclaim.
His Mother Chapter is 301 to which he has brought great honour and distinction.

In 1964 E. Companion Martin was elected to the position of District Grand Captain of the Scarlet Veil. He was appointed Inspector in 1969 and District Deputy Grand King in 1974.
This was followed by his installation as District Grand King in 1976.

He was not to settle in this Office for in less than a year he became Most Excellent and Supreme Grand King of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland in succession to another renowned Down Royal Arch Mason in the person of M.E. Companion Sydney Hanna.

During the years of his ascent in Royal Arch Masonry a succession of other Masonic Honours were accorded him culminating in his elevation to the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree.

Most Excellent Companion Martin died on 19th September 1991.