District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down

M.E. Comp. S.G.Leathem BEM

M.E. Comp. S.G.Leathem BEM 33° DGK 1991 – 2002 Deputy Grand King 2002 –

Samuel Gordon Leathem was initiated into Unity Masonic Lodge No 433 in Newtownards on 6th February 1957 and after serving in three separate Lodges, and being made an Honorary Member in another, he eventually rose through many representative ranks to the office of Rt. Wor. Senior Grand Warden in the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

It was in Royal Arch masonry that M.E.Comp. Leathem was to make his presence known and after joining Unity R.A.C. No 443 in 1960 he blossomed in this branch of the Order, becoming Excellent King in 1970.

It was after this that his prominence became evident and he quickly rose through Royal Arch ranks, becoming District Grand Registrar, District Grand Chief Scribe and, eventually, District Grand King in 1992 for 12 years.

It became obvious to all who knew him that further advancement would follow and Supreme Grand Chapter recognised him by according him the office of Grand Chief Scribe and, subsequently, Foreign Representative for Nebraska and ultimately, Deputy Grand King of Supreme Grand Chapter.

M.E.Comp. Leathem’s progress did not finish with his accomplishments in Royal Arch Masonry, further credits and honours continued to be awarded until the ultimate honour in Irish Freemasonry was bestowed upon him in his being appointed to the office of Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, A & A Rite for Ireland.

It is unlikely we will see a more comprehensive contribution to Irish Freemasonry from one individual for quite some time and there is little doubt he will be remembered for many years to come as a remarkable Freemason.