Where does Royal Arch Masonry sit within the Fraternity?      
Royal Arch Masonry is the next progression of a Brother of a Craft Lodge and it is only in the Royal Arch where the Master Mason degree is completed, this will all be explained during the exaltation ceremony. The Royal Arch also provides members of the Order with a closer tie to his fellow members, ensuring a greater level of kinsmanship and, appropriately enough, Companionship. Membership is smaller than the Craft, so meetings and gatherings may be regarded as being of a slightly more intimate nature than the Craft.
How is it organised?

Royal Arch Masonry is governed by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland. Under its jurisdiction, it has Chapters across Ireland and in many foreign countries.

Areas are organised into Districts, usually geographically, and these are governed by District Grand Chapters which has a full complement of officers to dispatch such business as may be required to aid and assist the subordinate Chapters within its District area.