Who can join a Class of Instruction?  
Anyone can attend and join a Class of Instruction.
You do not have to be in an office, simply a companion who is a member of any Royal Arch Chapter.
So, in effect, anyone can attend, from the most recently exalted companion, right up to the M.E. & Supreme Grand King himself!!
How can the Classes help me in the Chapter?        

The Classes of Instruction set the Irish Constitution apart from all other Constitutions, we being the only Constitution in the world with a Grand Chapter of Instruction.
The importance of this work should not be underestimated, as it is the execution of ritual and ceremonies that gives any companion the ability to appreciate Royal Arch Masonry more. Through observing the ritual and, especially, the degrees, the continuation of a masonic 'journey' can be explained and completed.
Attending a Class will also go some way to helping an aspiring Director of Ceremonies, and be of great benefit to a companion who would like to be involved in the conferring of the Mark Master Mason and Royal Arch degrees.
When a companion is familiar with the ritual, he will feel a lot more comfortable in the surroundings of a convocation and, in time, prepare him for his progression through the various offices until, ultimately, he is installed as Excellent King of his Chapter.

Where do Classes meet in the District of Down?        

Classes of Instruction exist to provide friendly and informal tuition for those Companions about to take up Office within their Chapter, or for those who wish to further improve their understanding of the ritual and ceremony. Halls with classes click here.

To find your local Class of Instruction please contact the District Office click here

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