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How often we meet?
Chapters set their own number of meetings per year.  This can vary from four to seven depending on where you choose to attend.  For further information you can refer to the Masonic Calendar, or contact the District Office for advice. 
What we do when there?
Each Chapter conducts its business under an agenda similar to the format used in Craft Lodge, although solely focussed on the business required by that Chapter, District Grand Chapter and Supreme Grand Chapter.
What it can lead on to within the fraternity?
The purpose of Royal Arch Masonry is to extend the masonic journey of its members. It is designed to bring you closer to your Royal Arch Companions, extend your knowledge of our ceremonies and ritual, while also encouraging you to become more involved within the Order. Should you wish to progress further, just as you must be a member of a Craft Lodge to become a Companion within Royal Arch Masonry, you must be a regular member of a Chapter to progress into other branches of the fraternity.
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